Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mt. Gaurishankar 3rd International Open Chess Tournament-2014

Mt. Gaurishankar 3rd International Open Chess Tournament-2014

08-13 May
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal

CASH RS. 3,03,000/-
Online Registration

Tournament Details:
Arrival:               8th May, Thursday at 10:00 AM
Opening:             8th May, Thursday at 14:00 PM
Rounds:              9th to 13th May 2014
Round Time Table:

9th May 2014
08:30 AM

Round 1
9th May 2014
14:00 PM

Round 2
10th May 2014
08:30 AM

Round 3
10th May 2014
14:00 PM

Round 4
11th May 2014
08:30 AM

Round 5
11th May 2014
14:00 PM

Round 6
12th May 2014
08:30 AM

Round 7
12th May 2014
14:00 PM

Round 8
13th May 2014
07:30 AM

Round 9
13th May 2014
13:00 PM

Prize Distribution

Cash Prize Details:
Champion:    Rs. 50,000/-
2nd:Rs. 30,000/-
3rd:Rs. 20,000/-
4th:Rs. 15,000/-
5th:Rs. 10,000/-
6th-12th:Rs. 7,000/-
13th-20th:Rs. 6,000/-
Category: Minimum 5 points.
Best Unrated:           1st Rs. 5,000/-  2nd/3rd: Rs. 4,000/-
Best Local:               1st Rs. 4,000/-  2nd/3rd: Rs. 2,500/-
Best Women Local:  1st Rs. 2,000/-   2nd/3rd: Rs. 1,500/-
Best Women Open:   1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best Veteran S55:     1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best ELO 1000-1499:       1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best ELO 1500-1699:       1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best ELO 1700-1899:       1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best ELO 1900-2099:       1st Rs. 5,000/-
Best U10 Open:               Boys: Rs. 4,000/-    Girls: Rs. 4,000/-
Best U12 Open:               Boys: Rs. 4,000/-    Girls: Rs. 4,000/-
Best U14 Open:               Boys: Rs. 4,000/-    Girls: Rs. 4,000/-
Special Prize: Certificates only.
Best U10/U12/U14 Nepal:                      Boys & Girls Separately
Best U10/U12/U14 Dolakha:                  Boys & Girls Separately

·       Please note that one player will be given one (higher) prize only.

Entry Fees:
ELO 2100 plus:                                Rs. 2,000/-
ELO 1000-2100:                               Rs. 2,250/-
Unrated:                                           Rs. 2,500/-
Local(Dolakha):                               Rs. 1,000/-
Dolakha Women/Students:            Rs. 500/-
·       No request towards waiver of entry fee will be entertained.

The Last date of Entry:                          5th May 2014, Monday
Entries with late fee of Rs. 500/-           8th May 2014 till 20:00PM

Tournament Rules:
System of Play:
The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss System with 9 rounds. Swiss Manager software will be use for pairing.

Time Control:
90 minutes plus 30 second increment from move 1.

Tie Break:
In case of a tie, the latest FIDE Rules shall come in effect. However Cash Prize will not be Shared.

All out station players will be arranged free lodging on sharing basis. The accompany have to pay Rs. 2,000/-.

The weather in Charikot during May expected be pleasant.

The tournament is open to all.

For Online Registration:  Click

In Case of Emergency:
Umesh KC, IA/NI: Tournament Director
Mobile: +977-98510-54329, +977-97410-46770
In/For Dolakha:
Mr. Govinda Shrestha, Secretary  Mob: 98510-44708
Mr. Suman Shiwakoti, Member     Mob: 97410-88187